my terrible two’s angel

i’ve read many articles about ‘terrible two’s period’ in baby’s lifetime. too many, i think.. and i’ve learn how to change my terrible two’s baby to be a terrific two’s angel.. but like an old idioms ‘every baby is unique’, seems that those articles doesn’t work with this ‘smart mini us’.. seems like it’s impossible to deal with her since the only word that she likes to say is no.. A BIG NO.. !!! no, mama..! no, ayah..!

dr. greene from said that he prefers to call it ‘the first adolescence’ than named it terrible twos. he also said that this is an important phase of development and intensely focused around the period from 1,5 to 3 years of age. it’s gonna be a ‘long days battle’ for me, huh.. the hallmark of this period is oppositional behaviour. and that’s absolutely right. so, when i want giras to go to bed, then she’ll do anything except go to bed.. that’s nice.. arrggh..

ok, then.. i know the hallmark and it’s a keyword. i was trying dr. greene suggestion to make limited choices in every ‘command opportunity’. in the first two days, it works.. giras make a choice.. and her choice sometimes in the other side of me. she choose the most comfort one for her. but it’s oke.. i’m trying to deal with. no problem on it. means that my baby learn to make a decision.. good girl..

on the third day, she has a ‘smarter answer’ for my choices.. ‘later, mommy..! later..!’. fuih.. another challenge.. i tried to be patient, waiting for ‘her later’ but it is undoubtly that she makes me lost my patient a lot. how hard to be a mom.. then i’m trying to ‘give a gift’ for her nice attitude. doesn’t have to be a real gift, just wanna let her know that being nice will be granted. if she can finish her meal, she’ll get a kiss, put her toys in the right place will be granted with playing with mommy’s hair.. simple, but it works.. till today..

dr. greene said that this phase is difficult not only for parents but also hard for childen. just think about yourself when you stand on the other side with your parents. think about your emotion. it happens into our children in the same way, even more intense since they’re dependent on us. i try to set up my mind with dr. greene words ‘it’s a beautiful – but difficult – time with a truly worthwhile result’. amiiin..

nowdays, i’m still trying to deal with my terrible two’s giras. try to understand that it is impossible for her to be nice in everyday of her life and it was too high expectation to make her do everything i want. help her to learn how to be a little independent girl and thinking for herself. help her to deal with her emotions and i have to help myself to understand her feelings. and i’m still trying to get into her head..

from this site, i also learn that i have to show her how to handle my anger, my sadness and disappointment. she doesn’t just imitate me when she is pretending to cook and taking care her dolls, she is my miniature.. like it or not.. i know that my mother-instinct will guide me to be a good mom for my angel. now, i realize that being a mom makes me learn a lot and it’s amazing that my 2 years old giras is my master..

thanks giras.. keep fight for your terrible two’s period.. we’ll stand together to face it.. *full loaded gun in hands*


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