to a pediatrician

yesterday was giras’s first visit to a pediatrician – called as arzt für kinderheilkunde or kinderarzt here – in bremen. actually she was fine when we went to make an appointment on monday. we just wanted to do some physical check up. but then she got a flu on the next day and still at the moment.

we met dr. ulrich hesse, an old and nice pediatrician. he made a complete physical check up, from head to toe. and it was amazing that giras didn’t cry or even yell. she became a very nice angel instead of a trouble maker one. seems that she was familiar with him. i think she can feel that dr. hesse love children.

giras is 85 cm in height & 10,6 kg in weight. actually, i was a lil’ bit worried about her weight. but dr. hesse said no problem on it. normally, on 2 years, a girl weight is around 12 kg, but 10,6 isn’t bad, don’t have to be worried about it. this chart can help you to plot your kid’s height & weight. dr. hesse also said that giras is absolutely fine. it’s me who has some homework to raise her appetite and stop breastfeeding.

then she got an MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunization – without tears & yell again – for the first time. dr hesse told us that in 9 days, giras could have some red spots on her chest, and fever which doesn’t have to be worried. he also reminded us to see him again after 4 weeks for giras’s fourth DTP (diphteria, pertusiss, tetanus), the last one.

wish that my angel is always fine.. amiin…


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