33 months

today, giras is 33 months old. time is not only running, it’s flying.. I still can remember her first touch, first smile, first tooth, first day when she called me mama, there’s a lot of first thing.. and today, she is 33 months.. baby, you grow up so fast.. and you always amazes us in every single day..

today, she is 33 months.. in the next 3 months, she will be 3 years and then 13 years.. 23 years.. oh, time please do not running too fast. I still want to kiss her while she was sleeping, give her a big hug when she cried, played hide & seek.. every second in her life is counted priceless..

today, i read many articles about toddler’s development & milestones.  just want to check giras’s milestones, compare with the most children did on the same age. let me show you what i found..

I found an article, Developmental Milestones – Three Months to Five Year, written by Carol Bainbridge. you can go here for the complete article, coz I read only the three years part. and really surprised that giras has passed all the basic development milestones mentioned. she can build tower not only with 4-5 blocks, she can do it with more blocks. she can walk up steps, alternating feets ; turn pages in a book, one at a time ; pay attention for about 3 minutes ; remember what happened yesterday, even 2 days ago. giras is very good in memorising. for some special occations, a week ago is not a problem for her. she can remember well that a week ago, we’re travelling by a train with her daddy’s friend that she knows well & that we met a new friend.

she knows some numbers, even not always in the right order. she already knows the number of the bus, but only on 1-10 range. so for the bus number 25, she said it as number two five instead of twenty five. the funny thing is when we saw 11. she said it is number one-one, even we told her, many times, that it’s eleven, a number after 10.

giras loves to be read to & look through a book. she likes to retell the story that i read for her to her dolls. and sometimes it’s still amazed me that she can copy my style in reading very well. she also can count 2-3 objects. she can follow one command, not only a simple one but also a little bit complex command, like ‘giras, i need my jacket. it’s on the blue bag and the bag is in the kitchen. could you take it for me, please ?’.

giras can use 3-5 word sentences. she speaks a lot and asks more. a short question is a very common thing in our daily activity. question like ‘am i bigger now ? am i taller now ?’ is a must question after taking her meal. i can’t write all of her question coz she could ask for more than 20 times in a day. she likes to reply a question with another question.

‘giras, do you want some juice..?’

instead of saying yes or no, she likes to say..

‘why do i have to take some juice..?’

it is written on the article that a 3 years child can name at least one colour correctly. and giras already knows 10 colours from MS Words font colour. it’s black, white, brown, red, pink, purple, green, blue, yellow and orange. even sometimes she can identify the different between dark & light colour.

she already knows her first & last name. but it’s difficult for her to say R, that’s why saying PRATISTA, her middle name, becomes a problem. she knows some alphabets, like A, I, U, E, O, G, R & S. she can spell her name on the keyboard. how come..? let me tell you the trick. giras loves to play with a computer. then we use her name as a password to log on it. we just have to tell her twice then she can do it by herself. we tried to change the password once in a week so she will learn a new alphabet, but she doesn’t like it. she just want her name as a password. it only works once, when i changed the password into mama and she knows M from that moment.

i also read that many childrens, on this age, especially those without siblings, create imaginary playmates. and giras also has an imaginary playmates. i remember a time when she was playing with me in the kitchen then she ran to another room & picked up the unringing phone. i heard she was talking, like having an appointment with someone. then she got back to the kitchen & said ‘my friend said she will come at 9 and asked me to pick her up in the central station’. ha.ha.. sounds funny & weird but doesn’t have to be worried. it’s a part of child’s development conscience & will disappear before a child is six.

looks like i’m writing too much tonight. just too excited to know that she grows up well & nothing to be worried. really proud of you, giras.. we love you so much.. all that we can say is ALHAMDULILLAH.. thank you ALLOH for sending her into our life..


2 thoughts on “33 months

  1. ke2nai

    waktu kadang terasa berjalan sangat lambat y. Tapi sebenernya kl dipikir2 cepet juga y. Dari seorang bayi yg baru lahir, belajar ini, belajar itu.. wah cepet bgt deh rasanya.. 🙂

  2. Mamanya Shaina

    time flies yaa..
    bisa dibayangin deh gimana rasanya bayi yang dulu kita susui, timang-timang dan cium2in lama2 tumbuh jadi toddler, anak kecil yang makin pinter ini itunya.

    by the way, giras, say hi to your ‘friend’ 😉 hope he/she taught you nice things ya.. jangan kayak dipelm2 yang ngajarin yang engga2… serem hiiy hihi


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