the santoso

We are Arie, Loesy & Giras. Currently living in Bremen, north Deutschland. Arie is a master student in Universität Bremen, enrolled in International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology. Loesy was working as a researcher in a botanic garden but nowadays being a proudly housewife. And Giras is a trouble maker angel. We live as a humorous family and fight together for a better future.

* * * * *

Time is flying, dear.. After 3 years of hiatus, we’re back with a new formation..

We are Arie, Loesy, Giras & Bagas. Has just started our new journey on the south part of the earth, enjoying Aotearoa. Some things may change but one thing is stand still.. We are The Santoso and we face the world as a humorous family…


One thought on “the santoso

  1. Reni Nuraini

    Assalamualaikum Mbak Lusi…
    It’s so nice to read your Blog 🙂 Reni baru tau ni kalo Mbak Lusi ‘n fam skrg di Jerman..hehehe…kemane aje yee…. Tadinya iseng buka FS trus mau ngontak Mbak Lusi… kirain masih di Depok…Reni baru 3 bulan ini di Jkt Mbak.. um merried tgl 3 agustus kemaren…dan rencananya kedepan nanti kami tinggal di Sawangan-Depok…
    Salam buat Giras yang ngegemesin itu ya Mbak.. Mudah-mudahan suatu saat kita bisa ketemuan…


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